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About Monster Legends

Monster legends is among the most adventurous games that is based completely on dragons. It's received attraction by nicely over countless individuals around the planet and contains a total of fifty million downloads and still counting.

The game is on the trending as well as hottest game list on Google Play and Google and also in December 2017 it had also been the greatest Christmas Game to obtain and play.

The interactive components you see within the game were created by Digital Purchase.

The game is really an idea of nine elements and users need to realize that to be able to win the game against the enemies of theirs.

Its main components are fire, legendary, light, magic, nature, thunder, water, dark and earth. Your role is breeding 2 kinds of elements, any 2 and grow the army of yours and then battle against the opponents of yours. When you pass some entry level you've to feed the monsters of yours with food, experience points and gold. Additionally, as you go pass five levels, you are going to need to boost the skills of yours even more in to battle a boss. As the boss is killed by you, you will be compensated with a lot of food, experience and gold.

Probably the most fascinating and though provoking an element of the game is understanding regarding which 2 components to breed to be able to get a rare uncommon species in the team of yours. This could just be accomplished with more experience and knowledge of enjoying the game.

And also in order to accomplish that all, you will require a lot of experience points, food, gold, and gems and that is quite hard to do.


It's a crucial part as you need endurance in an effort to enjoy single player missions in the game. Stamina is regenerated automatically in the game; but usually takes some time, or maybe you are able to furthermore obtain stamina by asking them from the friends of yours.


Gold is the main game currency, that is necessary to buy various buildings or even update existing structures in the game. You are able to also use Gold in an effort to purchase extra expansion and islands packs for your current islands. Yellow is attained by participating in various individual player and multiplayer matches, and may be collected from various habitats at frequent intervals. It is able to easily be produced with Monster Legends Cheats.


Food is a crucial element, as you have to feed the monsters of yours to be able to level them and cause them to become stronger. You are able to develop food by constructing farms in the game. You will find various kinds of crops that could be grown, and different time is required by each crop to grow. You are able to move up farms to be able to enhance the food production of yours, as larger farms are able to creating much more meal a lot sooner. Do not have food that is enough? Our Monster Legends Hack 2018 is prepared to assist you.


It's the high quality game currency, which enables you to buy powerful and extra-ordinary monsters. You are able to additionally utilize Gems to be able to update exceptional buildings; such as, hatchery. Furthermore, it may be utilized to buy all those special things that can't be purchased with Gold.

A crucial characteristic of Gems is that; you are able to employ them to accelerate the building and also update process. Additionally, you can purchase Stamina, Gold, and Food with Gems. A little quantity of Gems is given for you on leveling up within the game and also you are able to also buy them from the game store. Conversely, you are able to make use of Monster Legends Hack 2018 to get Gems.

To rule the game, you have to perfect the art of making the in game currencies, which demands time. Or perhaps, you are able to follow the below mentioned measures which will aid you in gathering and controlling the resources.

No-cost Monster:

You get a monster egg by logging in the game on regular basis; thus, ensure you gather all your monster every day. You are able to hatch the eggs or even sell them for instant Gold rewards; the option is yours!

Free Roulette Spin:

By completing single player missions, you're given with a totally free Roulette Spin. These spins will provide you with a chance to make Food, Gems, and Gold. There's no cap on this particular feature, as Free Spin is given on enjoying brand new campaign missions. Thus, play as lots of missions as you are able to every day getting Free Spins. When you're way too lazy for that simply try monster legends cheats 2018.

Buddies Help:

The game allows you to stay in touch with the friends of yours on social media platform. When attached, the friends of yours are able to help you in acquiring information. You are able to send out invites to the friends of yours to join the monster market. When a good friend successfully joins, you are going to get 3000 Gold or maybe 450 Food as rewards. This particular function, if exploited properly, is going to aid you in obtaining a daily supply of useful information.

The game is extremely well known on both platforms and is downloaded by more than ten million gamers. On iTunes, it's placed under top twenty five strategy games. Listed Below are several of the reasons why on account of that Monster Legends game has gained popularity among Android users and iOS.

Tons of Monsters:

The game features more than 500 different monsters, that could be collected and also trained. These monsters are categorized into elements that are different; specifically, Thunder, Fire, Nature, Earth, etc. and also you need an unique habitat type to develop. Treezard, Firekong, Rarawr, Rockilla, Pandaken, Greensaur, Firesaur, etc. are several of the monsters offered in the game. In order to update the monsters, you have to feed them often in the game. Feeding monsters regularly aids in leveling up within the game and also permits them to be stronger.

Distinct Habitats:

Each monster demands a unique habitat to develop. The habitats are based upon the Elements to that the monsters belong to. For instance; a Fire Monster can't develop in another Habitat except Fire, while a Nature monster requires Nature Habitat to prosper. Each standard level habitat is able to home 2 monsters at a time; but, this particular capability could be improved by stepping up your monster habitat.

Monster Breeding:

You are able to breed fresh monsters at breeding mountains. You are able to put two monsters of the choice of yours at breeding mountains to be able to create a brand new monster. Breeding is a really complicated phenomenon, as you are able to breed 2 monsters of exact same elements to be able to produce a stronger monster, or maybe you are able to select 2 monsters of elements that are different to produce a monster which may thrive on several habitats. After the monsters are bred in the breeding mountains, the Egg is delivered to Hatchery for Hatching. At first, you are able to hatch one egg at one time though the capability could be improved by stepping up the hatchery.

Single Player Campaign:

The game comes with an enormous single player campaign mode in which you are able to play against opponents were generated by computer. The campaign missions contain more than 1200 diverse missions, that could be played when you level up. These missions start to be increasingly hard and the benefits offered on finishing them also improves simultaneously.

Multi-Player Battles:

In this particular mode, you are able to create a group of your respective finest battle and monsters against some other internet players. The multiplayer mode provides you with the very best rewards, though the fight against real time player is harder than fighting monsters in PVE mode. Playing battles increases experience of the monsters of yours and also allows them in leveling up in the game.


You will find various structures which could be built in the game to create your monsters better and for this particular monster legends hack is prepared to assist also. Temples are buildings that enable you to level up the monsters of yours. Thus, you need to create elemental temples and also update them in order to create your monsters actually powerful. You will find scores of decorative items, that may be positioned in the island of yours to be able to help make it look amazing. The ornamental objects don't supply some benefit type in the game, other than enhancing the appeal of the island of yours.

Expansion Packs And Other Islands:

After you're immersed in the game, you've to continually buy expansion packs to be able to boost the space of yours. The expansion packs are initially locked; but, may be unlocked after achieving a particular degree in the game. When unlocked, the expansion packs is bought and used-to establish other buildings and different habitats. You are able to also buy 3 more islands additionally to your current island. These destinations may be bought at any point in the game, as they're not locked.

Runes And Special Items:

Runes market provides gamers with an option to buy various boosters like Speed Booster, Stamina Booster, Strength Booster, etc. The boosters are of 2 types; you are restricted to an individual monster and also the other one is appropriate to the whole staff. Exclusive items like Health Potion, Hawk Lens, Soothing Lotion, Gladiator Rope, Grenade, etc. could be used in the battles to be able to get an advantage over the opponents. Each specific item purchased can be used only one time in the fight.

Almost all these awesome features, intense gaming experience, as well as graphics that are amazing creates Monster Legends a must try game for those strategy game lovers. And so, download the game and also utilize the above mentioned suggestions with our Monsteer Legends Hack to be able to breed probably the fiercest beasts!